25 Productive Things to do While Watching TV

Hello everyone! Something about Mondays always makes me want to be productive. But, if you’re anything like me, I always somehow end up with television on instead. Whether I’m doing other work and it’s on in the background or I’m just relaxing, it’s just something I always gravitate to.

To be honest, I’m not much of a Netflix binge-watcher. I don’t need to really pay attention to the shows I watch like HGTV and The Food Network. As I’m writing this post, I’m watching Love It or List It, in fact. I find that I like the background noise. I like to be able to look over at something else while I’m thinking.

So, next time you’re watching TV and you want to feel a little less guilty about it, try out some of these productive suggestions: (Note: “productive” is a relevant term!)

  1. Paint your nails. Nothing will get you in the mood for fall quite like painting a purple or gray hue on your sandal-clad toes. (Oh, you mean most people don’t wear sandals in October? I live in sunny Florida where it’s sitting right around 85 degrees today!)

  2. Write something. Whether it’s a blog post or an entry in your daily journal (which you should have!) this is definitely a great way to accomplish something tangible while watching TV.

  3. Clean up. Whether it’s putting away clutter or the dusting that you’ve been putting off for weeks, having something to watch will make this chore feel a little less mundane.

  4. Exercise. Do some squats, lunges, or bicep curls while watching. Or, do other more rigorous exercises during commercial breaks like jumping jacks or crunches.

  5. Plan out your to-do list for the next few days. Start a bullet journal! Nothing beats getting organized!

  6. Meal plan for the upcoming week. Get on Pinterest and pick some new recipes to try and write out a grocery shopping list.

  7. Clean out and organize your purse or backpack. These get cluttered so easily with old receipts, hair ties, important papers, and other stuff. Take a few minutes to get all the junk out and put everything back in it’s proper place.

  8. Pay bills. I know your credit card payment isn’t due for 2 more weeks, but wouldn’t it feel nice to get it off your chest now and not have to worry about forgetting about it later?

  9. Clear out your inbox. Old emails can pile up so quickly. Take some time to at least get rid of the junk mail and mark the rest as read.

  10. Fold your laundry. It’s a basically mindless task, so why not use all that brain power to watch who will get Chopped next.

  11. Free up space on your phone. Transfer pictures over to your computer and then delete the old copies. Uninstall old apps. Clear out old text messages and downloads.

  12. Organize your closet. Arrange your clothes by color or style, get rid of things you don’t wear, and put away out-of-season items.

  13. While you’re at it, mend holes or lost buttons on your clothes. I know you have a pile of clothes waiting for some TLC.

  14. Flip through all the magazines you’ve received in the mail but haven’t had the chance to look at.

  15. Use the time as your social media time. And then challenge yourself to stay off all your platforms for the whole rest of the day.

  16. Or, revamp your social media profiles. Need to update your photo or description? Get to it!

  17. Knit or take up another crafty project that doesn’t require too much attention. It’s another task with a real, tangible result.

  18. Doodle. Practice your handwriting. Let your mind and hand wander and see what you can create.

  19. Organize your makeup and beauty products. Throw away anything that’s old, dried up, cracked or you never liked. Get a bin or drawer to keep everything you don’t use often wrangled into one place.

  20. Clean out your junk drawer. Whether it’s that one awkward drawer in the kitchen or the drawer of horrors in your desk, tackle it! Dump out the contents on the floor so you have to deal with all of it.

  21. Bake something. Watch TV while your creation is in the oven. Even if you’re not actively doing something while you’re watching TV, at least you’ll feel kind of productive when your lovely cake emerges from the oven.

  22. Mop your floors. You can’t get up and walk on the wet floor….so you might as well just camp out on the couch for the next six hours.

  23. Create the photo album you’ve been putting off. I know you have pictures and other memorabilia saved for when you start a scrapbook. Do it now!

  24. Organize your sock drawer. Match all the lonely socks and get rid of the single ones or any with holes.

  25. Clean out your old candle jars. You can make new, cooler things with them!

Phew! I think that’s a pretty decent list! Now you have no excuse to feel unproductive while watching your favorite shows.

What else do you do while you watch TV?


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