Twig Centerpiece — Friday DIY

I’m just going to start by saying that I realize it isn’t even Thanksgiving yet. I haven’t started decorating for Christmas (yet.) I will not put up my Christmas tree until November 25th. But…. I can’t help myself from starting to buy my decorations and maybe even putting up a few subtle ones amongst the pumpkins and leaves.

Enter: this DIY twig centerpiece.

My theme for the Christmas decor this year is what I’m calling “rustic glam” which basically is my excuse for combining two completely unrelated styles. On one hand, I love the glitz and glamour of sparkly ornaments, twinkle lights and metallic tones. One the other hand, I love the rustic wood, red plaid, and pinecones.

My perfect compromise is painting sticks gold! (Isn’t that a solution for everything?)

This is one of the easiest DIYs I’ve ever made. All you’ll need is a vase, some twigs, and spray paint colors of your choice. If you want, you can add ornaments like I’ve done, or ribbon, or any other decorations you’d like.

Add pinecones or turkeys or pumpkins to give it more of a Thanksgiving look. Add some filler in the vase to give it more of a glam look. The customizable options are endless!

And it isn’t just great for holidays. Use it year round and simply change up the ornaments. It would also make a great centerpiece for a rustic glam wedding. Add some flowers, drape it with ribbon and you’re all set.

How’d you like this subtle Christmas DIY? And let me know in the comments when you think it’s the right time to start decorating for Christmas!


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