All About Bullet Journaling + Why it Works for Me

Let me tell you guys something. My life seriously changed forever when I discovered bullet journaling. I am 100% an organization freak, so when I discovered this system, I immediately loved it. Before, I was carrying around three different notebooks at all times: a weekly/monthly planner, a small notebook to jot down notes and daily to-do’s, and a large notebook for longer note-taking.

This worked fine as a system, but it meant I had to carry a backpack everywhere or risk not having the information I need at my fingertips. After scouring Pinterest, I discovered the bullet journal, and I knew that’s what I needed to get organized. It’s the best of everything I was using before. There were no rigid guidelines like a pre-made planner comes with. It was completely blank space for me to organize as I please. I was inspired by so many Pinterest users who made the system work for them.

A bullet journal is simply a way of organizing plans, tasks, appointments, etc. with symbols that make it easy to read and follow. Many people choose a dot grid layout, but you can also use lined, square grid, or even blank paper.


I started out with an A5 size dot grid notebook. I quickly found it just wasn’t enough room to fit everything I needed on each page. So, enter my Master size Leuchtturm 1917, which I absolutely adore. It’s perfectly sized to fit my weekly spread all together with everything I need.

I love being able to see my entire week on one spread — it’s easy to see everything coming up and plan my days. Plus, it allows me to decorate and doodle as much as I want. And– here’s the best part — not every single page has to be a planner. I have plenty of pages in between completely dedicated to doodling and hand-lettering.


And other pages are dedicated to planning long-term goals and other aspects of my life. I have financial trackers, habit trackers, gift lists, reading lists and more. The possibilities for spreads are endless. That’s the beauty of the bullet journal — you can put in whatever works for you.

And that’s why I’ve found the bullet journal so helpful for me. Since I graduated college, I don’t need a basic planner anymore. I don’t have to write down homework assignments and quizzes anymore. This system is more flexible so I can take more space for busier days and less space for lazy days.


Plus, I am able to keep track of all sorts of grown-up stuff in one place. Bills, health care, work, and personal life can all be in the same notebook, and it doesn’t have to be too serious. Filling everything with colorful doodles, stickers, and washi tape definitely makes it more fun.

Tons more posts about bullet journaling are in the works! Keep up with my notebook for spread ideas, supplies reviews and more!

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