{Blogmas} Planning Christmas with a Bullet Journal

I don’t know about you, but I definitely think Christmas can be a pretty stressful time of year. There’s so much to do and so much pressure to have everything just right. Between the decorating, the gift buying, the cooking, the cold weather, and having family visit, there’s a lot to keep track of.

This is where a bullet journal can be extremely helpful. You can the ability to add in whatever pages you need for planning, whether it’s gift ideas, recipe planning, or just a list of things to do during the month. And it doesn’t have to be all stressful; you can also add in fun things, like winter activities you want to do.

In this post I will show you how I’ve set up my Christmas spread and how it helps me keep everything organized for the season!

The first thing I have is my winter bucket list. This is one of the less essential lists, but it’s nice to keep track of everything. I live in Florida, so it doesn’t snow (or really even get that cold.) So my bucket list doesn’t really consist of the usual things like build a snowman or go sledding or whatever you northern people do. Instead I have a few fun activities that are still related to Christmas and winter.

The next thing I have is my personal wish list. I’ve actually had a rough draft of this in a different notebook for a few months, just because I like to write down ideas when I think of them. When my family bombardes me for what I want, I’ll have everything ready to go. (Because even though I’m a grown-ass woman, my grandparents still like to buy me physical gifts.) I will probably make a separate post for this at some other point during the month with specifics and photos!

Next up, is the most important spread. The list of gifts I need to buy for everyone else! Is it bad I haven’t completely finished coming up with ideas yet? Forget about the shopping — I’ve barely started that yet!

This not only functions as a way to keep track of what I buy, but it’s also a dump list for ideas. I won’t be buying everything on the list for each person, it’s more of a guideline of what I think they’d like. If I come across the perfect gift while shopping, I would just purchase it then and there. It’s nice to have these ideas to fall back on if it starts getting close to Christmas and I still haven’t found anything.

I also have the prices next to each item so I can keep track of how much I’m spending and (hopefully) stick to some sort of budget. I also have a couple of columns left blank just in case I need to pick up a small gift for a random person or send out specific cards. It’s always nice to have extra room for notes!

Here are some other ideas for pages you can include in your bullet journal to keep yourself super organized (and sane) for the holidays:

  1. Recipe List: Things you might want to include for Christmas Eve dinner, Christmas day, or other family meals.
  2. Cookie List: My family is huge on baking like six different kinds of cookies each year, so make a list of new ones to try out! Include any special ingredients you’ll need and where to find the full recipe later.
  3. Travel Plans: Keep track of plane tickets, hotel reservations, packing lists, car rentals and more. Keep confirmation numbers, addresses, and other info written down in one place that you’ll keep with you when traveling.
  4. Grocery List: Write down all the little things you’ll need for cooking and baking, like extra butter and sugar. Plus special ingredients like a turkey or cranberry sauce so you won’t forget about them.
  5. Home Prep: A list of all the things you need to do to get your house ready for company. Whether it’s vacuuming or buying new sheets for the guest bedroom, having everything in one place will make your life easier.
  6. Sleep Tracker: It’s super important to make sure you are getting enough sleep during this season, so if you find yourself struggling with keeping up, try to write down how many hours you are getting each night.
  7. Decorating: From picking up a tree to stringing lights outside to pulling out the winter candles, there’s nothing better than a list to help you stay on track with all the little things.
  8. Winter Outfits: New clothes and accessories you need to buy, outfit combinations for cold weather, outfits for parties or events.
  9. Budget Tracker: Keeping on track for buying gifts and all the food for big family meals can be difficult if you’re not writing everything down! Save your receipts, write down totals, whatever it takes to stick to your budget.
  10. Kids Activities: If you have kids of your own or will be entertaining kids this season, it’s always a good idea to do your research beforehand and have a list of activities handy to keep them occupied. Whether it’s indoor crafts for snow days or a fun outing for winter vacation, it’s always good to have a list handy.
  11. Christmas songs, movies, books, or episodes: Write down everything you want to take in during the holiday season.

Happy organizing and have a very happy holiday!


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