Master List of Bullet Journal Spread Ideas

I love using my bullet journal to make weekly spreads and plan my days. Having a dedicated journal is super useful for planning ahead and keeping track of everything you need to do. Some people use them simply as a day-to-day planner, but they can also be helpful for planning other aspects of your life.


I’m a die-hard list maker, and I love having everything in one place. I used to have a monthly and weekly calendar with a completely separate notebook for daily to-do lists and other lists. It didn’t work very well, especially when I was on the go and needed to have both books on me at the same time. Having one bullet journal where I can keep everything is such a better system. Plus, it does double duty as an art journal as well where I can doodle and practice lettering and washi everything to my heart’s content.


With that being said, I’m pretty new to the “official” bullet journal system. I’ve been going for about just over two months and I’m just now getting to the point where I feel like I can show off my weekly spreads (they were atrocious at first). Now that I’ve gotten the hang of the most basic spreads, I want to incorporate more pages to help out with planning different things.

The beauty of the bullet journal is that it doesn’t have to be all about planning. You can add whatever spreads you want just to keep track of personal information, hobbies, or whatever you want. Half of my pages are just doodling and practicing hand lettering!


Without further ado, here are some pages I’d like to eventually add to my journal to keep myself super organized and have everything right where I need it:

*Edit: I will be linking to spreads when I complete them!*



  • Freelance income tracker and invoice log

  • Tax information: freelance income, bank account interest, etc.

  • Savings goals

  • Budget planner

  • Bill tracker: when bills are due, how much, check off each month.


  • Master cleaning list: when to wash sheets, towels, etc. and monthly tasks

  • Areas to KonMari

  • Items to sell online

  • List of recipes I like

  • Projects to start

  • Vehicle Maintenance

  • When did I last? (pssst! here’s a free printable!)

Future Planning:

  • Five-year plan

  • Career goals

  • Personal goals

  • Bucket Lists


  • Movies/tv shows to watch

  • Books to read

  • 10-minute tasks: things to do when you have a few spare minutes

  • DIY projects to make

  • Master list of passwords/logins

  • Shipment tracker: waiting for packages from where, how much, when expected, etc.

  • Blog post ideas

  • Pen swatches 

11 thoughts on “Master List of Bullet Journal Spread Ideas

  1. I’ve heard so much about bullet journaling but can’t seem to wrap my head around it just yet. Bullet journals seem to always look so pretty other than obviously organised. How do you get your sheets to look so neat and pretty? My daily to-do lists are usually so messy and I feel like I’ll spend more time making it pretty than anything else!

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    1. It definitely does take me a lot of time to make the pages as neat and pretty as they look. But for me it’s really therapeutic and relaxing so I like spending half an hour or so each night planning for the day ahead and doodling and beautifying the pages. I got a lot of inspiration for organizing the lists from Instagram and Pinterest! Thanks for stopping by!

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  2. I’ve been waiting for a post about this. I’m starting my bullet journal and this is the perfect inspiration! Thank you & by the way, your handwriting is beautiful! ❤

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