Book Review — “The Year of Cozy” by Adrianna Adarme

Admittedly, I ordered this book from Amazon a while ago. It popped up in a suggestion box and it looked so nice I decided to order it, partially to get the threshold for free shipping, but mostly because the cover was so pretty, and well, cozy. I couldn’t be happier that I did order it. I just started reading it eight months later, in November. And that really was the perfect time to start it.

The book is broken down into four different sections by season and has different sections for each month. The book begins with Autumn in October. Each month has a variety of cool activities, recipes and DIYsΒ to try out to make the seasons a little more cozy. Everything is based off the season, so it’s tailored to seasonal foods, holidays and weather in that month.

There’s definitely a ton of cool stuff in this book that I’m eager to try out. It has a really good mix between recipes, crafts, and general activities and lifestyle tips. And everything seems to go really well with the overall theme of making your home cozy.

As pretty and cozy as everything looks, I’m not sure that I will be making every single recipe. There is a lot of stuff that seems to be more elegant than I would tend to make for a regular meal. A lot of recipes require some special ingredients, so it’s not really an average, “everyday” cookbook.

The same goes for some of the projects, like wreaths and place settings that require real foliage. Many of the crafts involve supplies that would often be hard to find and more expensive than other alternatives. As someone on a budget, this wouldn’t always be practical. That’s not to say that everything in the book in beautiful, though!

The bottom line is that this book has beautiful photos and definitely offers great suggestions for making a living a cozy lifestyle. I will surely be trying out some of the recipes and making the DIYs. If you’re looking for a book to inspire you to cozy-fy your home, then this is a great read. It would make a good gift for the holidays, or inspire and show you how to make a homemade holiday gift!

It’s currently sitting on my coffee table because it looks lovely, and it’s nice to grab if I am looking for something to create for an afternoon. It definitely earned the coveted spot on my coffee table, and I’m sure I’ll be flipping through it often this winter for some cozy inspiration.


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