2017 Bullet Journal Plans

Preparing for a new year is one of the most exciting things for me. I love the possibility that anything can change and happen. I know it’s so cliche but, “new year, new me,” right? A major part of planning for the new year for me involves preparing my bullet journal.

Since I’ve only been bullet journaling since September, there’s a lot of stuff that I never really got to put into the journal in the beginning. I’m so excited to be able to start the new year with yearly goals, lists, and all my trackers in one place. Starting over is the best possible way to get super organized! Here’s a (somewhat) ordered list of the pages I’ll be putting in to start the new year.

Another part of planning for the year ahead is reviewing what I’ve already done. So a major part of this is to see what things I’ve already been doing that work and things that don’t work. This includes what pages I include, the layouts I’ve been using, and the elements I put on each page.

Another thing I tend to do is put sticky notes on pages to denote what I’ll put on it in the future. This helps me plan out spreads in advance. For example, I wanted to get started on my budget pages early but I wasn’t sure where I’d need to put my intro pages and everything, so I lay it out with sticky notes first.

Of course, none of these plans are set in stone. As I start the year, I’ll probably rearrange layouts again and want to add new pages here and there. As things in my life change, I’ll have need for new and different layouts and spreads. But that’s the benefit of bullet journaling: you can use the system however works best for you!

I hope you all enjoyed seeing how I’m setting up my bujo for the new year. I’d love to see what any of you guys have planned!


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