{Blogmas} My Christmas Wishlist

Hello everyone and welcome to Day 13 of Blogmas! Today I am going to show you some of the items on my Christmas wishlist. My family has been nagging me recently about what I want for Christmas, and it’s  been kind of challenging to come up with things that aren’t just “money” that are non-specific enough for a relative to find.

Here are just a few of those items I thought of:

1. Hairdryer 

This one is obviously a pretty straightforward one. I never really used to blow dry my hair before (because I used to straighten it almost every day.) So I have a super old hairdryer that doesn’t work super well. I’m not too picky about the brand, but I definitely want something that has hot and cold settings so I don’t fry my hair!

2. New Purse

I’m the type of girl that uses one purse on a day to day basis and runs it ragged until it’s literally ripping apart at the seams. (And I’m also not the kind of girl to shell out $200 for a daily purse.) So I’m at that stage now with my current purse. This is one of those items I would want to pick out for myself, so when I go shopping with my mom on Christmas Eve, I would most likely just have her buy one I like.

3. Grill Pan

I recently moved into my own place, so I have all the space in kitchen I could ever desire. I’ve wanted a grill pan for a while now (like a nice Calphalon one) and Christmas is the perfect time to ask for one! I can imagine now all the chicken and veggies I can cook with grill marks! Plus, it’s makes food healthier because it’s not sitting in it’s own oil.

4. Travel Mug

This is so simple, but it’s a real necessity for me! My old travel mug (which was so cute, by the way) reached it’s last life when my roommate put it in the dishwasher. So, now I need a new one. I don’t drink that much coffee, so it’s mainly for hot tea. It’s especially nice in the winter when it’s colder!

5. Sweaters

I’m always a sucker for sweaters, even though I live in Florida and there’s maybe 3 days a year when the temperature is below 40 degrees. I just love getting new warm and cozy sweaters each year. This year I’m really loving gem tones (dark purple, emerald green, blush pink, etc.).

6. Tombow Dual Brush Pens Pastel Pack

I’ve been in love with the tombows I recently bought individually. I started with one and then bought 3 more because I really liked them. So I really want a set because it’s so much cheaper to buy them together. I love the pastel colors and they’d be beautiful to use for spring bullet journal layouts.

7. Leuchtturm1917 Master Dotted Notebook

These babies are almost $30. I’m only halfway through my current notebook, but I’d rather get another now and not have to pay for it myself! Plus, I know I’m going to want to start planning my new notebook waaaaaay before I finish my current one. The master size comes in limited colors but I really liked the dark blue and also the olive green colors!

8. MAC Lipstick

I’ve been obsessed with looking at lip colors on instagram lately and it seems like people are always talking about MAC products. I’m by no means a makeup guru, but even I know the quality of MAC products. I figured Christmastime would be a great time to ask for some new lippies and see for myself how the products are. I looked at all the colors and I think I want to try out Mehr and Hot Tahiti. Both of them are plum shades, which I think looks best on my skin tone!

What’s on the top of your Christmas wishlist? Let me know in the comments!


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