{Blogmas} No Place Like Home for the Holidays

Hello everyone! It’s been a hectic few weeks like I said before, and I haven’t been posting very much. Blogmas is ending tomorrow, and it didn’t go so well. I posted every day for the first 16 days, but after that I made 2 posts between then and Christmas. 

All in all, I think it was really the push I needed to get started and get serious about keeping up with my blog. Once my life calms down in January, I’m very excited to get started posting more stuff!

As horrible as it is to say, I’m ready for Christmas to be over and to start the new year! I love Christmastime, but it’s been intense this month posting all these Christmas recipes and DIYs. I’m super excited to start fresh. 

I’m writing this post right now from my parent’s house where I grew up. I’m here for just 3 days that I have off work. Even though I’ve been spending time with my family (who I haven’t seen since May) I was going to try to post all three days. You see how well that worked out. 

I had a couple of recipes and gift ideas to post, as well as more calligraphy and Christmas wrapping. But clearly I didn’t get to that. Instead, I decided to do just a quick overview of all the things I am doing here with some pictures. 

I wrapped so many presents these last few days! A lot of people hate doing it but I actually don’t mind it. 

I forced my dog to wear this elf hat for this photo. Clearly she wasn’t too happy.

My parent’s Christmas tree is huge! And there are already so many presents under it!

This was me in front of my tree before I left. It’s much smaller, but still glam.

Working on writing and addressing my homemade Christmas cards! I’m using these to hold gift cards for my family!

We called these grinch cookies because they turned out to be really ugly!

My sister just adopted some new kittens, so this is me trying to hold them. They’re super squirmy!

And me and my boyfriend in front of our tree ❀

Well I hope you guys have a wonderful Christmas and enjoy time with your friends and family. I’ll see you next week!


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