2017 Bullet Journal Tour

Hey guys! Happy New Year 2017! I don’t know about you, but the new year always makes me want to get productive. There’s no better way to start than by organizing your bullet journal and getting everything in one place.

I know New Years resolutions are basically made to be broken, but I’m really excited to start my savings, budget, fitness, and other trackers for 2017. The best way to stick to a goal and stay motivated is to write it down!

planned on putting a lot of things in my bujo for the new year. While I moved stuff around a lot, I pretty much got everything in there somewhere. Here’s a flip through of all the new pages:



And here’s a more detailed description of each page and what I’m using it for:


1. New Year’s intro page

This is obviously just my doodles and a cool quote I really like that I think sums up the new year.


2. New Year’s Resolutions + Goals

Again, pretty self-explanatory. My resolutions in an easy-to-see list where I can hold myself accountable for them. I usually put my resolutions in some random notebook and then lose them or completely forget about them by May. This year I’m determined not to!


3.  Yearly Calendar View

This took up three pages mostly because I wanted to have enough space to write important dates and events. I hate having to waste space for a future log for each month that I hardly use, because I like to plan my weekly spread ahead of time anyways. This was the perfect combination of year-at-a-glance and mini future logs.


4. Savings + Budget + Bill Tracker

I really want to start budgeting my money better in the New Year and get a solid plan for savings. I’ve left a lot of information out on this page for now for the sake of privacy, but I’m going to add a graph tracker so I can visually see how much I am saving. I’m also going to add more detailed expense guidelines.


5. Paleo + Whole30 and Weight Tracker

I’m so excited to start eating paleo. I eventually want to work up to doing a month of Whole30, but I don’t think I’m quite ready for that now. My goal is to eat paleo about 3-4 days a week first and work my way up to it. I was really hesitant to add a weight tracker to my bullet journal because I’m really not the type of person who is obsessive about losing weight. But I do want to try to eat healthier and exercise more this year. Losing weight is merely just a side effect of that, and I wanted to track that.


6. Konmari + Organization

I’m the type of person that has so much stuff and junk that it overwhelms me, yet I keep buying more. I purchased “The Life Changing Magic of Tidying Up” by Marie Kondo a while ago and I never finished reading it, but I really want to get back to that in the new year. I really want to live a minimalist and organized life, and I have to stop putting it off.


7. Blog Stats Tracker

This is something new I wanted to add. WordPress tracks all of this information already, and it’s very helpful to see it all online. But I also wanted a physical manifestation of how I’ve been doing so far with this blog. It’ll help me keep track of monetizing my blog when I get to that stage, which is one of my resolutions!


8. Instagram + Tumblr Follower Trackers

Again, self-explanatory. Everybody uses some sort of tracker, and it’s nice to see both of my social media accounts on one page to have a visual representation. I also like to know what date I reached a goal to see how quickly my social media is growing!


9. Book per Month List

This is something new I wanted to try this year. In case you haven’t noticed by any of my previous posts about books, I’m really really bad about following through on books. I get halfway through and then just stop. Not because I don’t like to read or because I’m not interested in the book, but because it’s hard for me to find quiet time to sit down and read. I really want to encourage myself to read one book every month this year. And of course, I’ll post about it on this blog!


11. Blank page, because I’m lazy

Eventually I’m going to do some quotes or handwriting practice here.


12. Jan 1-7 weekly spread

I just got this new lavender tombow dual brush pen for Christmas and I absolutely LOVE it. It’s my favorite color so far! Bright colors are a great way to start the new year. Featuring a  mantra that really stuck with me from my old science teacher.


Show me your 2017 bullet journal setups! What’s one thing you’re really excited to track/plan in your 2017 pages?


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