December Favorites

Hello 2017! The start of a new month can only mean one thing… a monthly  favorites post! As we say goodbye to December and hello to January 2017, here are a few things I was loving last month:


  • Teavana Joy 2016 tea
    • My boyfriend got me this for Christmas and it is ah-mazing. First of all, I love any kind of tea. But floral and fruity green teas are my favorite. This is a black, oolong and green blend with fruity and floral notes. So what’s not to love??? It’s only around for a limited time, so he got me a giant bag to last me awhile!

  • Bare Chocolate Coconut Chips
    • I decided to try these on a whim because I’d been seeing them in the grocery store for so long and they looked awesome. I love coconut and I love chocolate, so I thought, why not? And then I looked at the ingredients, and I really fell in love. These have only three ingredients, guys. Three. And the best thing, they are paleo, so they make a great sweet snack for my new “healthy eating” paleo plan for New Years. They’re super crunchy and taste good by themselves, or on top of yogurt like I had this morning for breakfast.


  • Gel Eyeliner
    • I had surprisingly never tried this before, but it has changed my life. I always used a pencil/eye crayon before, but now that just can’t compare. Using an eyeliner brush with the gel is so much easier. It goes on smoothly without having to go over it multiple times like with a pencil. And you don’t have to press too hard into your eyelid. Plus, it’s much easier to get a good cat eye! I used it for my New Years makeup and loved it. I would definitely recommend it if you struggle with an eyeliner pencil like I did!



    • This is a website I recently found out about from a tumblr post. It is completely awesome. Basically it’s an entire collection of beautiful photos under creative commons licensing. For you, that means a library of thousands and thousands of photographs that can be downloaded, modified and distributed for personal and commercial purposes without attribution or permission. And these are super high-quality images. And the best part is, you don’t even need an account! There are no download limits, no gimmicks; just beautiful, free images. (Ps- keep an eye out for some January wallpapers coming out tomorrow with some images from the site.)


I guess it was a short month for favorites in December! Let me know in the comments what things you were loving this month!


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