Motivational Wallpapers

Good evening everyone! We’re now a few days in to January, which undoubtably means New Year’s resolutions are starting to slip. Or like in my case, maybe you haven’t quite started yet (ooops.) It’s tough to stay motivated to stick with your goal or get back on track.

In case you’re looking for a little extra motivation, I made four different downloadable wallpapers, optimized for both desktops and mobile phones! All images feature some greenery to lift your spirits from the dreary winter, plus motivational phrases.

Personally, my background right now is the “stay positive” wallpaper! Enjoy these motivational wallpapers, and get back to work on your goals!






Instructions to download: Click the desired image. This will open a popup where you select “view full size”, right click or hold down on the image until a dialogue comes up asking to save image to phone or computer.

Disclaimer: All wallpapers have been designed and created by Lauren Strickland. These images are for personal use only. Please no commercial use, modification or distribution. All images have been sourced from under creative commons. All fonts are from under public domain license.

If you do download and use these wallpapers, please let me know how you like them! Any critiques would be greatly appreciated!



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