8 Benefits of Owning a Plant

Not only are plants a pretty addition to any indoor space, they also have a surprising number of health benefits. Certain varieties, like succulents are very popular because they don’t require much care, but the advantages are huge. Take a look at the some of the benefits houseplants can give you:


1. Keep the air clean

It’s no secret that plants take in carbon dioxide from the air and expel oxygen, which humans need to breathe. But they also improve the quality of indoor air by removing airborne toxins around them and acting like a filter, according to a study conducted by NASA.


2. Help you focus

Plants can actually improve concentration, memory and productivity. Just being in the presence of a little greenery can also enhance the quality and accuracy of work. They are great desk companions for studying or working.


3. Reduce headaches and other ailments

Dry, dusty air is often the cause of headaches and allergies. Plants keep the air clean and circulating, thus, reducing the stuffiness that often leads to health problems.


4. Make you happy

Plants can increase feelings of optimism and positivity, and also promote calmness and healing. Studies have shown that even having a window view of a garden can aid with recovery in hospital patients. They’ve also been shown to reduce stress and lower blood pressure, increase self-esteem and promote a general sense of well-being.


5. Improve mental health

Caring for a living thing can do wonders for your health. This responsibility can help with depression and loneliness. In addition, people who care for nature are more likely to care for others, and this can increase compassion and help strengthen relationships.


6. Simple and timeless decor

There’s nothing as easy a putting a lovely flowering plant in a nice pot on your bookshelf or coffee table. It looks beautiful and it will match any decor style. They are relatively simple to care for, and they will provide a pop of color throughout the whole year.


7. Lower background noise

According to a recent study, plants have been found to absorb or refract background noise in their environments. This makes your home quieter and reduces unwanted noise from neighbors or housemates.


8. Help with sleep

The oxygen that plants give off is beneficial for helping us fall and stay asleep. Keeping a plant near your bed at night could really help with insomnia or troubles falling asleep. One of the best known plants for producing oxygen at night is the gerber daisy.




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