January Favorites

It’s the end of January, and you know what that means! Another favorites post! I actually have quite a few things to share with you this month.

While I can’t really say that I’ve 100% been sticking with my new year’s goals, I’ve definitely been working towards some of them, for example, staying hydrated, reading more and taking care of myself. This month’s favorites certainly reflect me working on my goals!


Health + Beauty

  • Sheer Love perfume from Victoria’s Secret
    • I got this perfume for Christmas and I love it! It smells so nice and feminine. It’s light enough for everyday wear, but it definitely has its own scent. It lingers throughout the day and doesn’t disappear like some other perfumes tend to.
  • DIY Charcoal Pore Mask (post coming soon)
    • I tried this pore mask this month and it was awesome! It’s super simple, it just involved mixing glue and activated charcoal and it really helps clean out your pores. My skin is so soft after using it!




  • Tree of Codes by Johnathon Safran Foer
    • This book is like blackout poetry, but extreme. Instead of crossing out words and lines, the author has completely cut out entire sections of each page. There are only a few words left on each page, and each page is completely different. Many other people have called it a sculpture as well as a literary piece. It’s really cool and I would totally recommend giving it a flip through!



  • Calm app for meditation and breathing
    • Okay guys, I am obsessed with this app. It’s an app that features meditation, breathing exercises, and sleep stories. However, a lot of the features do require a subscription. I haven’t subscribed yet but there are still a ton of cool features that you can use for free. My favorite thing so far has been the guided breathing exercises. I have been doing five minutes of breathing every night before bed for the last week or so and it’s so relaxing. And the patterns and speed are customizable to whatever helps you relax best. I would highly recommend this to reduce stress!

  • Indigo Sky Wallflower from Bath and Body Works
    • For the record, I’m a Bath and Body Works junkie. I’ve consistently had (at least one) wallflower in my house at all times for the last 3 years. BBW is constantly coming out with new scents, but there was one that I had never tried before: Indigo Sky. It is heavenly. It has the perfect mix of “man scent” with the scent of fresh clean air. Every time I walk by it, I have to stop and smell it a little more. The bad news is, this scent is probably gone by now, since I got it on a clearance sale.

  • Drinking 72-oz of water every day
    • This has literally changed my entire life. I used to get headaches basically every afternoon, and the sad part is, I knew it was from dehydration. I just really don’t drink much water. I’m not one of those people who hates the taste or whatever, it’s just something I never really actively think about until I get thirsty or have a headache. But for the past 2-3 weeks I have been keeping my 24-oz Tervis water bottle with me at all times. It actually motivates me to see how much I can drink every day. And when I stay hydrated, I have never gotten a classic afternoon headache. I will definitely be keeping this up!


Food + Drink

  • Dark Chocolate Bar Filled with Speculoos Cookie Spread from Trader Joe’s
    • This is hands down my new favorite chocolate. If you’ve never had Speculoos Cookie Spread, run to the nearest Trader Joe’s and grab some. Those of you who don’t live in the South Eastern United States, I’m sorry but you’re out of luck. It’s dark chocolate filled with decadent and sugary crushed up cookies. What could be better than that?
  • Cran-raspberry La Croix
    • To go along with my new obsession with drinking water, I’ve been trying to mix it up a little so I don’t get too bored of just plain water. I’ve always liked sparkling water and La Croix, but never tried this flavor before. It’s delicious, to say the least. Something about it just tricks me into thinking it’s actually sweet, which makes me want to drink it more. But of course, there actually are no added sugars or sodium. It’s a great way to get more healthy water!


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