February Editorial Calendar

With it being almost February, I’ve been prepping for the blogging month ahead. Being very new to the blogging game, I’ve tried making editorial planners before, but they never really worked out so well. Besides my plan for Blogmas 2016, I never really had enough ideas to warrant making a schedule for the entire month.

But my Blogmas schedule was wonderful. I knew exactly what I was posting each day, and that was a lot of the grunt work already taken care of. Spending 20 minutes at the beginning of the month to plan saved me a lot of stress in the long run. So for only my fourth month of blogging, I decided to make an editorial calendar and actually stick to it.

This way I am held accountable for keeping up with the posts, and you guys will know what to expect for the upcoming month. I’m going to try my very best to keep up with posting three times a week on these days.

As you can see, there are lots of posts centering around Valentine’s Day this month.

Let me know your tips for planning your blog for the month. Do you use an editorial calendar and do you stick with it?


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