10 Valentine’s Day Date Ideas (That Aren’t Just Dinner)

Hello everyone! Are you guys as excited for Valentine’s Day as I am? If you’re still struggling to plan your special day with your sweetie, don’t fret, I’m here to help. Of course going out to a nice dinner is a staple on V-day, but it’s a little cliche. If you’re trying to put together an awesome day with something a little different, look no further.

1. Wine Tasting

If you’re of age, head to a local vineyard or wine bar for a sampling with your sweetie. You’re sure to find a special deal for couples on Valentine’s Day. Make it extra fun by adding in a chocolate or cheese sampling along with it.

2. Museums

Museums can be fun on any day, but many museums offer special events for Valentine’s Day. Some of the cool ones I’ve seen include special planetarium viewings, love-themed art tours and tea for two. So check the event schedules for your local museums, or just enjoy the regular exhibits for the day.

3. Head to Nature

Whether you spend the day canoeing on the river, hiking in the mountains, tanning on the beach or camping under the stars, getting back to nature can always be fun with your S.O. Make sure to check weather ahead of time, make reservations for equipment as needed and bring all the necessary gear to stay healthy, hydrated and comfortable in the elements.

4. Couples Spa Day

Get massages, facials, pedicures, or seaweed wraps together! It can be relaxing and very sensual. Just what you need on a day just for each other. And if you’re on a budget, make your own spa day at home!

5. Stay Home

Make breakfast in bed, watch your favorite movies. Don’t focus on anything but the two of you. This might not be as effective if you are sharing the house with kids or roommates, but if you have the luxury of being alone, take this opportunity. Turn of your phones, and just enjoy each other’s company.

6. Go to the Theater

You could spend the evening watching a local play or a going to a Broadway Musical if you’re close enough. Some historic theaters, like one in my town, is showing special oldie romance movies for Valentine’s evening. I know I said none of these ideas would involve dinner, but if you’re already dressed up, you might as well go to a nice restaurant too and treat yo self. 

7. Skip Dinner and Go Straight to Dessert

Hop around some local dessert shops and get your fill of sweet treats instead of sitting down for a fancy dinner. Sample ice cream, donuts, cookies, cupcakes, and anything else fresh-baked nearby. It is the chocolate holiday, after all. Indulge a little!

8. Get Lost in the Gardens

Many cities have a botanical garden or plant nursery nearby. They are not only romantic and picturesque, but a great way to spend an afternoon in the sunshine. Nothing screams Valentine’s Day like flowers. Take lots of photos, have a picnic, and maybe even purchase a beautiful bouquet to take home.

9. Attend a Cooking Class

It’s a fun and creative way to spend quality time learning a new skill together. There are many special cooking classes available for Valentine’s Day featuring traditional romantic foods. The bonus is that you can then use your new skills to cook dinner together at home.

10. Theme Park

Hanging out riding roller coasters and eating junk food all day is a great way to spend Valentine’s Day. If you’re in a new relationship or just don’t want to get too sappy, this is a good option for a laid back day. 


Extra Tips:

  • Check Groupon or similar sites for deals on things to do, massages, restaurants and hotels. These types of things are often discounted up to 40% or more.
  • Be careful with surprises. Make sure you are planning something your partner will be willing and able to partake in. And give them enough of a heads up to plan their outfit and supplies for the day.
  • If you’re single, no need to worry! These ideas can be done with your friends, family, or even by yourself! Self love is the best kind of love!



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