New Look + Updates

Hello everyone! I’m very pleased to say that this morning has been a very productive morning indeed. And from all that creativity, a new look for my blog was born! I was very unhappy with my blog’s “brand” so I wanted to change it up completely and streamline it.

A little background on my blogging history: I’ve probably tried to start at least five blogs prior to this one. For each one, I’d spend weeks designing the look, logos, everything, down to the font in the footers. By the time I had gotten a satisfactory look, I was completely burned out and discouraged and never ended up actually writing any posts.

This time, I knew I needed to skip that treacherous step and dive right into the writing. And it really worked for me! I got a ton of content out there right away, focused on my social media channels, and didn’t give a second thought to my five-minute homemade logo.

And now, on right after my three month blog anniversary, I thought I’d better start getting serious with the brand. I knew the color scheme I wanted (pinks and greens) and I knew I wanted to involve florals in a modern way.

I initially thought that I’d make my own flowers for the logo, but it turns out I’m not all that talented at creating my own digital watercolor florals (whoops.) So I turned to Etsy!

I found these wonderful floral designs from Create the Cut. It’s a lovely Etsy shop with tons and tons of floral designs, from individual flowers, to backgrounds to wreaths. And some designs even come with pre-made arrangements and bouquets. They’re super affordable and the usage policy allows you to modify the designs and use them basically for whatever you want. I used the individual flowers from the Romantique Garden design for my logos and blog header image.

I’m really loving my new streamlined floral look. Everything matches across my blog and all my social media. Speaking of social media, I also revamped my Pinterest page, which I had pretty much nothing on for the past three months.



So remember when I made the editorial calendar to keep up with my posting and stay on track? Well, it’s not going terribly…. but it could be better. I’ve already switched around multiple posts and added new ones. I keep coming up with new ideas that I want to post right away, but I’m trying really hard to stick to the plan. So basically I’m not sure what is going to be posted the rest of the month, but I will still definitely post three times per week, and we’ll try to do better next month.


Anyways, let me know in the comments what you think of the blog’s new look!


As always, thanks for reading!







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