New Years Resolution Update: Staying Hydrated

Happy Monday everyone! I just wanted to check in and let everyone know how one of my most important New Year’s Resolutions is going. Staying hydrated! With almost two months of the year over already, I thought this would be a good time to post an update.

So the reason I wanted to drink more water was for health reasons of course. I frequently got headaches in the afternoons, my skin hates me most days, and I always feel tired and groggy. The sad thing is, I knew most of the time that these symptoms were from dehydration, but I never did much about it. I knew staying hydrated would help with all of these issues. I’m not the kind of person who hates water, it’s just not usually something I think about until I start to feel thirsty.

My goal was to drink 72 oz of water per day. This is probably a little bit more than most people recommend, but it was easy for me because it’s just drinking three refillings of my 24 oz. Tervis water bottle.

Most days (especially in the beginning) I was able to accomplish this goal pretty easily, and even exceed it. I drank one bottle throughout the morning, one with lunch, and usually one more throughout the afternoon. And then anything I drank after that was just extra. I found that whenever I had a water bottle with me, it was easy to remember to drink. I liked the sense of accomplishment that came with finishing off one more bottle. Plus, it didn’t hurt that I could fill in another bubble on my bullet journal habit tracker.

One thing that really makes it hard for me to keep up with drinking is the fact that I’m not allowed to have water at work (yes, it’s dumb, I know.) I try to drink one whole bottle on my lunch break, but it’s hard to go without water for eight hours besides that. And by the time I get home, my schedule is thrown off and I usually don’t get the rest of my water in.

So, I’m really great with sticking with it when I’m at home, but usually whenever I go out to work or other activities, I’m not so good with it. I wish did stick with it more, because I’ve really noticed the benefits.

When I do drink my water (especially my afternoon bottle) I have never gotten my 3 pm headache. I thought I was doomed to headaches forever. I can’t really say if my skin has cleared thanks to the water or to my new tea tree oil soap, but I have definitely noticed an improvement there too. As for the energy, I’m still groggy most of the time, but drinking a bottle of water in the morning when I first wake up seems to help me get going faster. Honestly, the cure for my headaches alone is enough to keep me motivated to keep drinking water.

While I haven’t been the best at keeping up with the resolution, I have definitely consumed more water than I ever used to. And I’ve noticed great benefits. I’d definitely recommend this to anyone who gets frequent headaches, as that seems to be the most easily cured with water.

Like I said before, I’m not the kind of person who dislikes water, but I do have a few tricks to make it more appealing and to get all your ounces in for the day:

-Add mint leaves to water. It’s so refreshing and tasty! I freeze them in ice cubes to release the flavor slowly.

-Lemon water is already well known, but for good reason: it’s delicious and adds a great flavor to the water. Plus, lemon juice is packed with extra vitamins.

-Ice cold water just tastes better. And it wakes you up fast in the morning.

-Use a water bottle that has ounce marks (or make your own.) This way you can stay motivated by knowing how much you are drinking.

-Fruit infused waters are like an at-home spa day. Try strawberries, cucumbers, or oranges. All provide extra vitamins and a great taste.

-Sparkling water can be a great alternative if you are craving carbonation or fruit flavor. La Croix is a very popular sparkling water that comes in a variety of different flavors. My favorite is the cran-raspberry!

-Bring your bottle with you every where you go. I often find that I drink a ton of water in the car, just because I have nothing else to do. While you’re sitting in class, walking through the grocery store, or having lunch with a friend. Having water sitting in front of you will often be motivation enough to drink.

-If you’re feeling hungry between meals, drink water. It will usually take away the food-cravings and fill your belly up with water instead. You stay hydrated and bash your snack cravings all in one! It’s a win-win.

-Before I got used to drinking a lot of water, drinking a lot in one sitting would make my stomach hurt. For me, this passed after a few days of getting 72 oz. But if this does happen to you, just pace yourself and don’t drink too much at once. Always listen to your body, and if you find that it’s making you uncomfortable to drink so much, slow down and drink less.

Thanks for reading this update! I hope this was helpful to anyone looking to drink more water. I definitely intend to continue to drink as much water as possible.


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