February Favorites

Good morning everyone and welcome to another favorites post! February was just a short month, but there were lots of things to like. Keep reading to see some of my favorite things this month.



Basin Tea Tree Oil Soap Bar

Guys I’m seriously in love with this soap. It leaves my skin feeling so soft and clean. The tea tree oil fragrance is so refreshing as well. I’ve found that it also really helps to clear up my acne. I’ve used it every day for about two weeks so far. It’s from the store Basin, which is only located in Disney World and Las Vegas. If you’re lucky enough to live near one of those places, I would highly recommend getting this soap. (And bath bombs and other soap products from there!)



Overnight Oats

I recently tried Overnight Oats for the first time, and they are magical. It’s basically oatmeal that instead of cooking, just sits and softens in the fridge overnight. And you can add whatever toppings you want, and it’s wonderful! It’s so easy to grab and go, and very filling. Recipe coming soon!


Gourmet Chocolate

We got these chocolate bars from a chocolate museum where they specialize in gourmet chocolate. We sampled a bunch of different varieties from all over the world, and we settled on these two as our favorites. The one on the left is dark chocolate with bits of earl grey tea leaves in it. It’s so tasty and the bits are slightly crunchy, and the whole bar just tastes like tea. The one on the left is a coffee flavored chocolate. It literally tastes like drinking a smooth, creamy cappuccino. They are both so delicious!




So my boyfriend got me this silk robe for Valentine’s Day and I absolutely LOVE it. The pattern is adorable and it’s so comfy. I love lounging around in the robe at night after I’ve taken a shower. It makes me feel like such a house wife!



I kept seeing posts with pretty bralettes all over Instagram. As someone who usually wears a C or D cup (and needs all the support she can get), I thought my chances of being able to wear a pretty, lacy number were slim to none. But then I thought, who cares, I’ll wear it around my house and be comfortable. And boy, is it comfortable. It’s a really pretty lavender color and it looks great with sheer white t shirts or loose tank tops.



Marble Sticky Notes

I found these in the Target dollar spot the other day and I was actually shocked. They’re so gorgeous and so aesthetic. Marble is all the rage these days, so why not add a little of it to my bujo as well?



Okay, this one is really broad, but I’ve been obsessed with all things plants lately. From succulents to english ivy and everything in between. I’ve been scrolling through the plants of instagram for days. I’ve been trying to grow my own ivy plant. I’m making pressed leaves to put in frames. Call it Spring time, I guess. (PS- lots of plant-related posts coming soon if you share my obsession!)



As always, thanks for reading! If you’ve written your own February Favorites post, please link it in the comments down below. I’m a sucker for reading everyone else’s favorites! Or simply just tell me a few things you’ve been loving this month.





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