Digital Decluttering: Computer

Hello and welcome to Part Two of my Digital Declutter Series: Computer. This is long overdue, as I started this series about two months ago. The plan is to have six different parts of this digital declutter:

  1. Photos
  2. Computer
  3. Phone
  4. Internet
  5. Social Media + Email
  6. Miscellaneous


So far we’re already cleaned out and organized our photos. Today’s post focuses on anything and everything relating to your computer. This includes all your files in all locations and programs.

Let’s start with an easy place first: the desktop. Many people use this as a dump-all for quick saves and things that have no other place. I will admit that I’m a recovered desktop-saver. Now I keep my desktop 100% squeaky clean — no files and no programs to clutter the space. A clear desktop is the start to an organized digital space.

Screen Shot 2017-03-21 at 12.47.12 PM.png

Sort out any spare files on the desktop and only keep things that are absolutely necessary. Also audit your program dock and make sure you’re only featuring programs that you need and use often. While you’re at it, add a fun background wallpaper. Here’s mine if you want to download it:



Next up is the place where most of your documents are probably housed: the documents folder. For me this is probably the messiest location on my computer. This is my dump-all for anything I’m working with, it’s where I store downloads, photos, and everything for my blog. As you can see here, I already have my umbrella folders created, but I am not really using them properly:

Screen Shot 2017-03-21 at 12.54.41 PM.png


And even within these folders, things are not very organized. Mostly the clutter here is composed of images from my blog posts. My goal here is to have a folder for each specific post, especially those with a ton of images. As you can see, I haven’t organized my blog folder since before Christmas time.

Screen Shot 2017-03-21 at 12.56.48 PM.png

To best meet your needs for your own documents, you can always organize in a different way. If you’re in school and have a lot of documents for that, I used to organize first by semester and then by class. Whatever system works for you, as long as the clutter is removed!

The documents folder was my biggest area of digital clutter. If you followed along with part 1 of the series, your photos should already be in tip top shape. The next thing for you to do is just to go through every folder on your computer and make sure you’re only keeping the things that you need. If you have several copies of the same document, or files you downloaded and know you won’t use, get rid of them.

In my case, I had a ton of files that I had downloaded off my Google Drive for a project and didn’t need again. Because they are already saved in my drive, I didn’t need another copy on my computer.

My downloads folder was a complete mess. It’s hard to sort through it and find what items are throwaways and what are actually important for your programs. We often forget that when we download something from the internet and then save it to another location, it still stays in the downloads folder.


And here is my documents folder after I’ve cleaned it out. Much better. These folders are very basic but hold a ton of other sub folders within them. As long as your system is organized and works for you, that’s all you need!

Screen Shot 2017-03-21 at 1.53.44 PM.png


The other thing to work on is programs. Uninstall anything that you don’t need any longer. This is a fairly new computer for me, so I haven’t really added any useless programs yet. But make sure you don’t leave those hanging around because they do take up a lot of space!

And as always, when you’re done cleaning everything up, don’t forget to empty your trash can! We want all the clutter gone for good.

Do you have any other tips for digital decluttering? Let me know what kinds of things are taking up the most space on your computer. Is it blog photos, school documents? Thanks for reading!





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3 thoughts on “Digital Decluttering: Computer

  1. I need to organized my computer. It seems so daunting with all my other things I have going on. But I know this is something I need to make time for. It just seems easier at the time to dump on my computer and go! Creating folders is a good place to start to organize. That way I have a spot to put things in. Oh boy! Wish me luck. Hahaha. Thanks so much for reminding me I need to do this! Have a wonderful day! 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Mine seemed extremely daunting as well, but I find I’m a let knock it out a lot quicker when I break it into parts like I’ve done with the guide. I did this one in about an hour while watching my fave prove TV show! Good luck with yours and thanks for stopping by!

      Liked by 1 person

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