DIY Pressed Plant Frames

Hey guys and welcome to another Friday DIY! Today I wanted to show you how to DIY a trend I’ve been seeing everywhere lately: pressed plants in floating frames. And if you can find it in Anthropologie, you know there is going to be a much cheaper DIY version.



For the most part I’ve seen pressed leaves like ferns in floating frames. This gives it a really cool effect, because you can see through the frame to whatever is in the background. I hung mine up on the wall, but they also look really cool displayed on shelves or in a window.

This DIY is so easy and super customizable. You only need two things: plants and a frame!

I got my leaves from the garden outside my apartment. Ferns are really popular to use, and the other leaves I just thought looked cool. As for the frames, I got these from Marshall’s for $6 each.

Ideally I probably would have liked a thinner frame, and maybe in brown instead, but these were cheap, and honestly I was having a hard time finding anything else. Eventually I might spray paint them or distress them somehow. These are just regular 8×10″ frames, but of course you can upsize or downsize as you’d prefer!

Here are some other floating frames from Amazon that I like way more than the ones I bought:


  1. The first thing you need to do is collect your greenery. I just gathered some pretty leaves from outside, but you can always go to a park, a florist, use leftover flowers from a bouquet, whatever floats your boat. You can check out my Guide to Plants of Instagram to find some popular leaves for an insta-worthy home. Another idea is to get faux leaves from the craft store (and then you can skip step 2!)
  2. Press the foliage. Put the individual leaves in between two sheets of wax paper. Then place them within the middle of heavy books. Make sure all parts of the leaf are inside the pages. Leave them alone for about a week (or a little longer for thick greens) and then they should be flat and pretty well preserved.
  3. Get your frame and arrange your dried leaves inside. If the glass is too loose, you might need a small piece of tape to secure the back of the leaf.
  4. Once you’re happy with the look, you’re all done!


The frames also look really beautiful in front of a window with the sunlight streaming through the glass:


And just in case you want a different idea for your floating frames, you can also use them for memorabilia like ticket stubs or photographs:



And that’s it! It was easy, right? I’m always looking for more ways to bring greenery into my home, especially during Springtime. Questions, comments, suggestions? Let me know in the comments down below! I love to read what you have to say!





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9 thoughts on “DIY Pressed Plant Frames

  1. I agree with you – these “flower pictures” are really wonderful!! ❤
    About one year ago, I wanted to do smth like that. I collected pansies, daisies, papavers and other plants and I got them dry but later I decided to bin them and I did that…
    Maybe I'll do it one more in summer cause I'd like to have "flower pictures" which looks fantastic 😀

    Love from Poland!!

    Liked by 2 people

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