My New Bullet Journal Tour

Hey everyone! It’s finally time for this long awaited post: my new bullet journal tour! I got it about a week and a half ago and it was crazy trying to set everything up in time for April. It’s a Leuchtturm1917 A5 Dotted white journal and I love it so much!

Here is the video that shows all my pages so far:





And now I’ll give you a page-by-page break down of everything I’ve included in my bujo.



These pages come in the Leuchtturm notebooks already and it’s so useful to have it already created for you. It’s really handy for keeping track of where you’ve stashed an important list or information. This is a 250 page notebook, so it will be hard to find everything eventually. I highlight my month pages so it’s easy to find the start of each month.

Page 1: Intro

This is just the first page in my journal obviously. I like to have a page that feels like a proper beginning, even if it’s just a title. I kept this page simple and I used my new copper gel pen which is a theme for this bujo so far.

Page 2: 6-Month Calendar

Another self-explanatory page. It’s nice to have a calendar to refer to from time to time. I’ve also included week numbers here because I want to use those for my graph trackers. (even if they aren’t the actual weeks of the year.)

Page 3: Long Term Goals

On this page I wanted to keep track of some of the things I hope to accomplish in the semi-long term, like in the next 6-months. I thought it would be handy to keep right next to the calendar to remind myself of how much time I have to accomplish the goals. I’ll add more things to the list as I come up with them.

Page 4: Weight Tracker & Fitness Goals

I really love the look of graph trackers and I’ve included a bunch in my new setup. Here I have a tracker going by week as well as my goal weight. I want to try to hold myself accountable for the goal by tracking my weight weekly. At the bottom I have my fitness goals as well, because not everything is about weight!

Page 5: Savings Tracker & Goals

This page is along the same lines as the weight tracker page. We have a weekly graph tracker on top and a goal amount to reach. On the bottom are my goals for my savings. Each week I’ll check in on my savings account and see how I’m doing.

Page 6: Tumblr & Pinterest Follower Tracker

This is just a simple page to keep track of how many followers I have and when I’ve reached each milestone. These are my lesser used social media so I lumped them together on one page.

Page 7: Instagram Follower Tracker

I was really loving this hexagon pattern (save the bees) so I tried to include it in my bujo. As I reach each follower milestone I add the date and color in the shape. This is great to keep track of my followers but also to post each time I reach a milestone to thank everyone for following.

Page 8: Wishlist

I included this page so I hopefully won’t struggle every time a holiday or my birthday rolls around and everybody asks me what gifts I want. Also if I ever get a giftcard or something I’ll remember what I wanted to spend it on. 😉

Page 9: Trips & Fun Activities

This page is just a place that I can write about fun stuff I’ve done and little trips I take to remember everything. I’m not sure if it will turn into a doodle and calligraphy page or more like a journaling page. We’ll see when I start filling it out.

Page 10: Car Maintenance Log

I carried this page over from my first bullet journal because I’ve found it really helpful as a reference. This way I can quickly look at it and see when I’m due for maintenance again. And by the way, apparently I still can’t spell the word maintenance: I’ve misspelled it in two different ways in both journals now.

Page 11: Flex Page

I left this page empty just in case I think of another overall tracker I want to add to the beginning of my journal. More than likely it will probably just stay empty for a while until I eventually fill it with calligraphy or something.

Page 12: Blog Stats

Here I have 3-month stats for my blog. On the top I have another weekly graph tracker that will track my views and visitors for each week. The bottom part goes by month and I can just write down my stats for quick reference. These include my views, visitors, number of new follows, my most viewed post and how many views it got.

Page 13: Blog Follower Tracker

Another follower tracker. This one is for my blog followers. And again I made it the hexagon pattern because I really like the shape.

Page 14: Blog Income

Since I recently monetized my blog with Amazon Affiliates, I wanted to be able to keep track of how much income my blog is generating. This is good for tax purposes and also just to know how I’m doing in my goal of becoming a full-time blogger.

Page 15: Blog Post Ideas & Brain Dump

A simple page where I can write down any ideas that come to me for blog posts. I also have a brain dump for miscellaneous ideas for social media or my blog in general. This page is great to reference if I’m lacking ideas for a new post.

Page 16: April Overview

I really like to have a monthly overview to include my goals, a calendar, bills and important dates. It’s quick and easy to reference to stay on track with my goals and everything I need to accomplish in the month.

Page 17: April Memories

This is a new page I’ve added for this bullet journal. I wanted a place to write down all the cool stuff I did and saw and accomplished to remember little events in my life. I’ve seen other people’s memory pages that have doodles and calligraphy. So I really want this page to be similar to that.

Page 18-19: April Mood Mandala

This is another new spread for me. I’ve seen people’s beautiful mandalas and I wanted to make one myself. Hopefully I’ll remember to keep up with it each day. And it’ll look so pretty and colorful when it’s done.

Page 20-21: April Week 1 Spread

And lastly I have my first weekly spread. This is the most essential page in the bullet journal for most people. It’s where I keep my daily schedule and to-dos. I have a graph tracker of sleep, water, and productivity. I also have my meal tracker and habit tracker. I find it’s easier for me to keep up with my trackers per week than having a whole month.

And if you want to see more pictures of my bullet journal, check out my instagram where I post tons of photos of the pages I’ve created. The account goes all the way back to the very first page in my first bullet journal, so check that out!


Thanks for reading! Leave a link to pictures of your bullet journal in the comments. I’d love to check them out!




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