My Spring Garden

Hello everyone! How’s your Monday going? I’ve just spent my Monday morning planting my new spring garden!

I went to the garden center yesterday and picked out a few flowers, and of course the main two plants I wanted: mint and lavender! They’re so beautiful and fragrant, plus they keep away mosquitos and can be used in cooking. Summer mojitos, here I come.

Here’s everything I got:

I also found some white christmas caladium hiding amongst the ferns so I planted that as well.

There’s also some English ivy already growing around, I just need to wrangle it into a pot and give it a structure to grow up.

My mom also gave me some green onions, so I have those growing in a shady patch in the corner.

And here’s how everything turned out once it was planted. I also added some of my other pots with succulents.

The mint is probably my favorite plant of all. It smells amazing and it’s just so pretty and leafy. Plus I’m so excited to put fresh mint in my ice water and everything.

What’s growing in your spring garden right now?


9 thoughts on “My Spring Garden

  1. We are still about 6 weeks away before it’s considered *safe* from a late frost to plant anything. At this time of year, I just enjoy looking at what other people are experiencing with their spring 🙂

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  2. I love flowers and this post made me happy 😀 ❤
    Unfortunately I haven't got a garden, I live in flat but I dream about a huge garden with lots of flowers and green grass. I hope my dreams come true one day!!


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