DIY Easter Basket Ideas

Happy Friday, readers! Today I have for you Friday DIY: Easter edition. If you celebrate Easter, you might want to make small baskets for your friends, family, significant other, etc. Of course you can always just put eggs in them, as per tradition. But if the receiver hates hard boiled eggs (like me) here are some other ideas for small stuff to put inside your homemade baskets:



  • makeup pallet
  • nail polish
  • face masks
  • makeup brushes
  • lippies
  • essential oils



  • coloring book
  • books
  • cute stationery
  • special pens/markers
  • paints
  • craft supplies (beads, scrapbooking, or whatever they like to do)



  • dvds/video games
  • headphones
  • phone case
  • music cds/itunes gift card
  • subscription to xbox, web service, or whatever they use



  • fancy water bottle
  • yoga mat
  • sports gear (balls, rackets, or whatever their sport)
  • running arm band/headphones
  • fitness class certificates
  • weights/kettle ball



  • tea/coffee
  • cocktail stirrers/wine stoppers/bottle openers
  • wine/beer/cocktail mixers
  • mugs
  • cook books
  • kitchen tools (knives, whisks, muffin tin, etc.)
  • specialty foods/spices



  • mini candles
  • jewelry
  • perfume
  • fresh flowers
  • bath bombs/pampering supplies
  • undies
  • polaroid camera


  • video games
  • unique beers
  • sports equipment
  • cologne
  • shaving supplies (razor blades, beard conditioner, etc.)
  • things they won’t buy for themselves (new socks, under shirts, etc.)
  • tickets to sporting event/concert/other event



  • baked goods
  • socks
  • chapstick
  • easter candy
  • handwritten notes
  • gift cards


Extra Tips:

  • Instead of using a basket, try using something that the person might use: a reusable shopping tote, a decorative home basket, a picnic basket, a flower pot, a cooking pot, beach bag.
  • For less waste: skip the plastic easter grass in the bottom and instead line the basket with socks, a silk scarf, kitchen towels, reusable tissue paper, or fabric scraps.
  • My family always hides the baskets inside the house to find on easter morning. This can add an extra layer of fun to the easter basket!
  • Instead of using real dyed eggs, you can always use the plastic eggs and hide small valuable trinkets inside them like jewelry or gift cards.





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