What Was in My Easter Basket?

Hello lovey readers! I know it’s a few days after Easter now, but things have been so busy! I spent the weekend with my family whom I hadn’t seen in nearly two months and then went straight back to work the same day I came back home.

I’ve also seemed to have caught a slight cold somewhere along the way. Everyone at work has had some variation of sinus infections, strep throat and the flu. So I’ll consider myself lucky for just having a slight sore throat and a headache.

But enough about me, how was your Easter, if you celebrate it? And if not I hope you had a lovely spring weekend.

Today I wanted to share with you all the wonderful things I got in my Easter baskets (yes I got two– one from my family and one from my boyfriend.) He just did such a great idea picking stuff out and styling it that I had to share. It was photo-worthy for sure.

Starting with the basket itself:
It’s great because the basket can be reused for another purpose and won’t just sit in a bin in the closet collecting dust for a year.

And then this cute clock:

I have been wanting a new clock for a long time for the bedroom. I had a super cool vintage flip clock before but it stopped working, and even after having it fixed, it just wouldn’t stay working. I love the color of this one and the moon shaped hand!
I also got stainless measuring spoons, which I have been wanting for a while to match the measuring cups I have.
Next were some gold earrings in little arrow shapes. They’re so cute and match everything!

And I’m super proud of this one, because my boyfriend picked it out all by himself. I asked for a nude pink lipstick, and he managed to find this gorgeous shade:

Maybelline Honey Pink Matte

He also got me a wood wick candle, which are ahh-mazing. They make a crackling sound when burning like a real fire. This one is scented as a bonfire too, so it even smells real.

And from my mom, I got a new purse! I have needed one for a while as my old one was pretty much falling apart. I’ve been searching high and low for one that is larger, neutral colors, and has both a shoulder strap and handles. This Nine West one was purrfecttt:

Thanks for reading! What did you get in your Easter basket this year?



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