May is Mental Health Month + Mental Health Mini Challenge

Bon jour, lovelies! As you may have gathered from the title, May is Mental Health Month in the US. It is basically a month to be aware of different mental illnesses and take time out to take care of yourself and your mental health. I was reading around on some other blogs and on tumblr, and I have decided to participate in a mini challenge to honor this month.

I got this idea from Purple Owl’s Mental Cleanse Challenge post. While she did the challenge for the month of April, I’ll be doing mine during May for Mental Health Month! The basic idea is to create a list of one self-care thing to do for yourself each day of the month. Seeing as how we are already a few days into the month, I think I will shorten mine to just a 14-day challenge. Two weeks of self care. Starting today, Sunday May 7 until Saturday May 20.

Here is my list:

Day 1: Allow yourself to be happy, and let go of any negativity. Celebrate this day.

Day 2: Pamper yourself with a face mask.

Day 3: Have a cup of tea and enjoy the moment.

Day 4: Meditate and breathe.

Day 5: Create a mantra, write it all over a page. Repeat it to yourself throughout the day.

Day 6: Sit outside for a while and get some vitamin D.

Day 7: Go to bed early.

Day 8: Clean up your environment — make the bed, do the dishes, clean surfaces.

Day 9: Color something, whether it’s a mandala or a coloring book. Turn off your brain for a little while.

Day 10: Take a walk.

Day 11: Spend some extra time journaling.

Day 12: Make a gratitude log in your journal and fill it in whenever you feel grateful.

Day 13: Do a yoga workout.

Day 14: Write down three good things about today.


I encourage you to do this mini challenge with me using your own prompts! It’ll be a great way to practice self-care during this month. And the beauty of it is that you can tailor it to yourself and your lifestyle! Thanks for reading!





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