Upcycled Desk Accessories

Happy Friday, friends! We made it to the end of the week finally! I’ve been watching a ton of diy home decor videos on Youtube lately and I’m feeling inspired to revamp my home decor a bit! Today’s Friday DIY is going to focus on revamping some desk accessories to help organize and decorate my desk! I say “revamp” instead of DIY, because most of these are just spray painting items I already have to make them a little more chic and pretty.

Gold is such a trendy color right now and I have a bunch of gold accessories, so that’s the color that most of these DIYs are going to be! But of course, feel free to use whatever colors suit you!



First up we are going to upcycle a tray to sit on top of the desk and hold pencil cups and other miscellaneous supplies. I got this tray from a chocolate gift set (and I actually have about 3 more trays sitting around my house) but you can probably find something similar at a thrift store or even create your own!

For my tray I wanted to paint it white with gold on the sides. That way it’s not overpoweringly gold, but it still has a hint of glamour and interest. I sanded it, taped off the sides, and then spray painted it my desired colors.

Hello, Kate Spade inspired tray!


Succulent Pots

I got these cute little faux succulents from the dollar store, so they were only $1 each — what a steal! I hated the color of the pots though, because they looked kind of cheap and plastic-y. So I decided to paint them gold to give them a more fancy look.

Pencil Holder

This one is going to be super simple. I picked up this cup from target for $1 but I hate the teal color. It doesn’t match with anything in my home. (excuse the horrible picture — I forgot to take a proper “before” photo)

It kind of reminds me of the cups from IKEA that look very similar, but those ones are a little bit too tall for pencils. This one was the perfect hight. It just needed a little makeover with white spray paint.

Succulent Terrarium

This is one of my favorite desk accessories, and maybe the most DIY-y project in this post! This one involves an old K-cup (or any small cup/pot) and a small succulent. Now the reason I’m using such a small pot is because I have a small window terrarium that this plant has to fit in. The plant started growing a lot and the pot was a little bit too big to begin with, and it was ugly and looked overgrown. So it was time for a change.

After using and rinsing out the k cup, you’re pretty much just left with a white plastic cup. I just spray painted it completely gold, waited for it to dry, and then repotted the smaller plant into it. Now it’s a much better fit!




What DIY desk accessory is your favorite?  Let me know in the comments down below! Thanks for reading!




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