100 Follower q&a: ANSWERS

Hi, hello, how are you all? I hope all is well for you on this Sunday morning! I’m so excited to finally be answering the questions you asked me on my 100 follower post. I want to again thank all of my followers and readers for helping me reach this amazing milestone! And a huge thank you to everyone who left me questions!

Let’s get straight into it:


Courtney Livingston:

Where are you from and what are you doing in life? I’m born and raised in Florida! While I’ve moved about two hours away from my hometown to Tampa, FL, I’ve stayed fairly close to home. As for what I’m doing, I recently graduated college and I’m working towards my dream of doing content creation (hopefully my own blog will become my job eventually!)


Janah – Wander Summer:

What inspired you to take up bullet journaling and what positive changes it has brought into your life? I guess I would say I was inspired to start bullet journaling when I decided I wasn’t getting enough out of my regular pre-made planner. I realized I didn’t have enough space on certain days and I didn’t have room for the weekly and monthly pages I wanted to include. I didn’t like the structure. So I bought a really cheap dotted notebook and just started using it as my own planner, and that’s when I started discovering bullet journaling and really got into the system. Then I bought my Leuchtturm1917 and really fell in love! It has definitely changed my life for the better — not only does it help keep me organized and provide a way to track everything I need to, it also provides me with a hobby I love doing!


Jordyn – The Obsession Begins

Who is your favorite superhero and why? Truthfully I’m really not a fan of superheros and I haven’t seen many of the movies! I’m not really an action movie person. If I had to choose I’d probably pick Wonder Woman because girl power! And the new movie coming out looks really awesome!


Tabi – Busy Bee

What’s the weirdest spam message/text/comment on your blog/email you’ve ever received?  It’s actually on my Tumblr, I keep getting followed from spam accounts and they’re very, erm, inappropriate. They often times have really crazy names and very wild profile pictures!I block them every time, but they keep coming back!
What is the bullet journal page you are most proud of? Oh gosh, I’ve had so many bullet journal pages I’ve loved! Recently though, I think I have to say my weekly spread this week has been one of my favorite pages so far! I really liked the beachy look!

What was the last blog you followed, or are obsessed with? I didn’t follow this blog super recently, but I’ve certainly been obsessed lately with The Obsession Begins! Jordyn’s blog has such an awesome aesthetic and it’s so pretty to look at! Her posts are always super inspiring and fun to read!


Cheila – Pink for Days

What are your hobbies? Bullet journaling is my most recent favorite hobby! I guess I would also consider blogging a hobby, because it takes up so much of my free time! I also love calligraphy and lettering, and that goes hand in hand with journaling. Baking/cooking, crafting and antique shopping are some of my others! Basically anyting creative!

Favorite guilty pleasure tv show? Hmm anything on TLC, especially reality shows! I actually love watching Hoarders and What Not to Wear! Makes me feel a little bit better about my own life haha.


Friederike – The World of Fritters

Is there a book you have read that has changed your life? This might not answer the question in the way you intended, but a book that changed my life is “The Year of Cozy” by Adrianna Adarme. I ordered it online on a whim, and when I read through it, I realized I wanted to write a book like that someday and I wanted my blog to be like that. So in a way it really inspired me to work on my blog and made me go in a different direction!

Who’s clothing style do you admire? I am 100% obsessed with Lauren Conrad’s style! I think she is just so cute and feminine and classy. I adore her Pinterest account! And it doesn’t hurt that she has her own clothing line!

Pick an emoji that describes you best! 😊 I think this is the one I use most often when I’m happy, which is a lot! 📅 As a side note, this calendar has my birthday on it, July 17, and I’ve always thought that was really cool!


All the Jazz

What’s your favourite quote/saying? I have two that I’d like to put here: “Things take time” which is something one of my past teachers always said and it really stuck with me, and “you are entirely up to you” which I just saw one day and love for no real reason!


Natalie Vinh

What is your aesthetic? I mean from the looks of your blog I totally love it, but what would you consider to be your aesthetic? If I had to put a name to it, I guess I would describe my aesthetic as light and bright minimalism with a feminine twist! I try to follow that here on my blog as much as possible with my photos. Think whites and grays, marble, blush, flowers, metals… you can check out my Pinterest for more examples of my aesthetic!


May – Forever and Everly

What do you love and hate the most about bullet journaling? I love that it keeps me organized and sane, that it gives me a wonderful creative outlet and it provides me with a real tangible product that I can look back on and see what happened in my life! I sometimes hate making my own pages that get tedious, like calendars where there are tons of straight lines to draw! I hate drawing lines with a ruler!


Jo Smith – The Inquisitive Writer

What inspired you to start blogging? For a few years now I have wanted to do content creation as my career, and the very logical first step for that is to have a blog. I had tried out some freelancing for other people’s blogs, and I just hated that I couldn’t write about what I wanted to — so I decided to write my own. After many failed attempts at sticking to it, I’m happy to say Lauren’s Notebook has been a great success so far!


Thank you to each any every one of you who asked me these wonderful and thought-provoking questions! I hope it gave you the opportunity to get to know me a little bit better! I certainly enjoyed it!




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18 thoughts on “100 Follower q&a: ANSWERS

  1. Congratulations, Lauren. I am truly happy for you on this blogging achievement! 💕

    Thanks for answering the question. I love the story on how you started bullet journaling. Sometimes, I also feel the same way about pre-made planners so I prefer to work on white blank pages. It allows more space and more creativity for my scribbles and doodles.

    Also, bright minimalism with a feminine twist perfectly describes your blog. Everything is so clean and simple and easy on the eyes, but still so lovely and pretty.

    Congrats again, my friend. Sorry for this long comment haha.

    Liked by 2 people

    1. Thank you so very much, Janah! I really appreciate all the support! I love planning on white paper too — there’s so much room for creativity! That’s why I love the dot grid as well: it’s enough structure for lines and keeping everything straight, but still has the freedom of blank paper!

      It was hard to describe my blog aesthetic, so I’m happy you think it’s the perfect word! I’m glad it’s pretty, that’s what I’m going for haha! Thank you so much again 💗😊

      Liked by 1 person

      1. The dot grid sounds interesting. I haven’t tried it yet but I think I might grab one soon because I always have trouble drawing straight lines (even with the use of a ruler haha).

        I am so excited to learn more of bullet journaling from your blog, Lauren! Once more, Congratulations and see you around! 💕

        Liked by 1 person

  2. It was so nice getting to know you a little more and why you started blogging. Congratulations on 100 followers that’s a great accomplishment✨ I hope next time I’m able to join in and ask some questions

    Liked by 2 people

    1. I’m so glad you found my blog and decided to give it a read! Bullet journaling is basically the only thing keeping me sane and organized at this point! I would definitely recommend giving it a try if you’re intrigued! Thanks again for stopping by, it’s lovely to have you as my newest follower😊💗

      Liked by 1 person

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