My Aesthetic

Hello all! Lately I’ve gotten a few comments/questions about my aesthetic here on Lauren’s Notebook and I wanted to elaborate a little bit on what exactly my aesthetic looks like.

I would describe my general aesthetic as minimalism with a feminine flair. Anything bright and light, neutral colors, blushes, earth tones, marble, metals, and textures! As you can see from these photos, I like a lot of white and gray.


All images are from Pinterest!

Here on the blog, I know not every single picture can follow this exact style, but I generally try to make the photos light and bright, not too busy, and with muted colors. I usually edit the saturation and the temperature down on my photos to give them the look I’m going for!

Here’s a quick before and after example of a featured photo on a post a few weeks ago:


As you can see, the original image is dark, yellowed and the colors are a little bright. In the after image, I have turned up the brightness, cooled it way down, and toned down the saturation of the colors slightly. And that’s basically how I get my blog photos to follow my aesthetic, even if they’re not always the same colors.

Any other questions about my aesthetic? I’d love to talk in the comments!





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