June Wrap-Up + July News

Has another month really ended already? Where is the time going, seriously? July seemed like forever away and now it’s upon us. As some of you may remember I posted some June Goals at the end of May. I wanted to touch base and reflect on those goals first and then set some new ones for July. I’m also really excited to share something I’ve been planning for the blog in July, so keep reading on for that!


My June goals were:

  • 2500 page views: Didn’t make it, sadly. We actually didn’t even surpass my views from May. Oh well, we’ll try again in July!
  • Lose 3 pounds: This was a fail also (I didn’t try as hard as I should have.) I’m going to carry it over to July and see if I can get more serious about it.
  • Budget: I wish I could put this in the achieved category, but I don’t think I can. While I spent noticeably less on frivolous stuff like going out to eat (which was my goal), I did splurge on some more expensive things that I wouldn’t normally have purchased.
  • Get more sleep: Achieved! I’ve been waking up a lot earlier for work (like before 6am) so it’s been really important to go to bed earlier to get enough sleep to function. I actually did pretty well on this!
  • Declutter: Half credit for this. I did work through a little bit more clutter but nothing major like I wanted to. And bonus points for not accumulating too much more!

Achieved: 1.5/5 (yikes)



July Goals:

  • 2500 page views on Lauren’s Notebook
  • Lose 3 pounds
  • Drink more water, less caffeine
  • Spend free time doing exciting stuff
  • Continue to work on budgeting



And now for the exciting July news: I am planning another mini challenge, this time specifically for the blog. In honor of summer and my birthday I’ve decided to post every day in July until my birthday on the 17th! It definitely seems like it will be a challenge to post every day for over two weeks, but I did it before when I participated in Blogmas 2016. I decided to do this because I feel like I haven’t really been planning my posts in advance well enough. I need to get back on track with coming up with new content and preparing drafts and scheduling posts weeks in advance. So of course, my logical idea to do this was to just post a bunch and force myself to plan it out!

I already have my calendar completely planned but I don’t want to give any of the posts away just yet! I will tell you that there will be lots of summer-focused posts including recipes, travel, and things to do. I do hope you’ll follow along with me as I post for my summer blog mini challenge, starting tomorrow July 1st.

Thanks so much for reading! What are your thoughts on my mini summer blog challenge? Let me know in the comments section down below!




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8 thoughts on “June Wrap-Up + July News

  1. Hey Lauren, just dropping by your beautiful blog to congratulate you on your achievement for this month. It doesn’t matter if you haven’t achieved all of them. You have July to grab that success for all of your goals.

    I wish you the best and yasss for 2500 page views. You’ll make it in no time! 💕

    Liked by 1 person

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