How to: Social Media Declutter

So a longgg time ago I started a Digital Decluttering Series here on the blog to help myself and others get rid of digital clutter. While that sort of dissipated and I never finished all the posts, I wanted to bring back this one topic because I thought it was really important and I personally wanted to work on it for myself.

A lot of times when we think of decluttering, we think about our physical belongings and often forget about all the other things that cause us stress and clog up our mind. One of the biggest things for me is social media, where I spend way too much time! So if I’m going to waste time on it, it might as well be clean and simplified so it doesn’t cause me any more unwanted stress.

This post isn’t meant to tell you to spend less time on social media (although we probably all could use that.) It’s only meant as a way to help you spend more enjoyable and/or meaningful time on social media, only consuming media that contributes something positive to your life. So here are my top 6 ways to declutter and simplify your personal social media accounts:


1) The most important step is to unfollow and unfriend any negative influences, people who are no longer in your life, and/or frenemies from high school. There’s no reason to spend your valuable time and energy reading through posts from people you don’t actually care about. It’s just adding more clutter to your digital space and your mind. And if you’re not quite sure about completely unfollowing someone, you can always mute their posts so you don’t have to deal with them directly.

2) Clean up your profiles! This includes your featured photo, your descriptions and any other main profile features. I was looking at my tumblr bio the other day and realized I still had the wrong age on it, from almost a year ago! And besides that, sometimes our bios just need a little clean-up every once in a while to stay up to date with our current selves.

3) Clean up your content too, while you’re at it. Whether it’s deleting that photo of yourself that you never really liked, untagging yourself from crazy group shots, or deleting the random thoughts your 7th grade self posted. All of our social media could use an audit to get rid of the old irrelevant content. This is especially important if you are applying for jobs, going to a new school soon, etc. as you always want to present your best self online!

4) I know back in 2008 when I first joined Facebook, I followed all sorts of random pages like “I love french fries.” I didn’t even realize I was following most of them until they sometimes randomly show up on my news feed posting weird click-bait links. Also, remove yourself from any groups that are no longer relevant like old classes or hobbies. If you have them piling up like me, get rid of them all in one shot and never worry about them again!

5) Edit your notification settings. Are you sick of receiving emails every time someone likes your photo, but you’ve been too lazy to actually change it? Now is a good time to edit your settings and get notifications only for things that are important to you. For a lot of my social media I have the notifications show up in notification center on my iPhone so they are visible if I want to look at them, but I’m not getting any sounds or interruptions as they come in.

6) What apps do you really need on your phone? Are you actually using your social media or is it just a huge time waster? Honestly all the social media apps on my phone are just time wasters for me (except maybe Instagram and Pinterest which I use for the blog.) And I’m probably not going to delete any of the apps. But it’s something to think about, if you have more self control than me 😉


What has worked for you when decluttering your social media? I’d love to hear your tips in the comment section!




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9 thoughts on “How to: Social Media Declutter

      1. hahaha I feel the exact same way. But I was in desperate need of the social media one. I had a personal and a blog Facebook account and a personal and blog Instagram account. That’s too much to manage. So I decided to stop being insecure, sharing my blogging Facebook on my personal one so people could follow it and deleted my personal. Now I have just one, to serve two purposes. Did the same with Instagram

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