Hey everyone, I’m sorry I’ve been a little bit absent lately. I don’t think I ever actually got back into the blogging groove after my 15-day posting challenge. I wish I could say I’ve been extremely busy, but that’s not even completely the case. It’s been a bit of a transitional time in my life.

I have started a new job where I work regular hours and it’s 40 hours a week, so I don’t really have my usual mornings to work on blog posts like I did before. I didn’t think the extra bump in hours would affect me much, but it really does. I also have to be there at 7 am, which is quite early for me, and I know I don’t get enough sleep. On top of that my boyfriend works until the evening five days a week so by the time he gets home, I have lost all motivation to do anything besides eat dinner and watch TV for a few hours.

It’s also summer time and we’ve been trying to take advantage of not having school by spending the weekends doing activities. All of these things combined with not having inspiration means I haven’t really felt up for posting lately. I entirely take responsibility for not writing and scheduling posts ahead of time, and I wish I had been doing that this whole time.

Anyways I’ll stop complaining now, and instead of writing a post today I thought it would be a good idea to try to reinspire myself with some inspirational quotes and of course, I will share those with you as well! So here we go:



There will 100% be a new post on Friday, so get ready for that! See you all next time.




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