August // Bullet Journal Setup

Looking for inspiration for setting up your August bullet journal? Here I’ll show you step by step how I set mine up and give you some inspiration for yours!

If you need more ideas, here’s how I set up my June pages!

So the first thing I start with is my intro/dashboard page. The things I include vary from month to month, but I always use some of the same trackers. This month I have a bills tracker, calendar, good things, goals, future dates, and a mantra.

The only new tracker this month is the “good things” where I plan on listing 5 good things that happened in August. I’m thinking of replacing my monthly memories page with it, because I never really filled them up fully. And I want it to be more about general things that made me happy this month.

So the first thing I do is use a PENCIL to outline where I want everything. If you’re more of a daredevil and can start in pen right away, more power to you. I change way too much as I go, so I need to be able to erase.

This is my basic messy pencil layout:

Find a layout that is suitable for everything you would like to include. Are you putting boxes around each tracker? Are you making a large or small monthly header? Do you want to include a full size calendar? Consider all these things when making your layout. Also don’t feel restricted to one spread. My April monthly pages took up 4 whole spreads. August is only 1 spread. Whatever works for you!

Also consider the theme or feel you’re going for in these pages. It’s not essential unless you want one, but I always like to have consistency. My feel for August was a minimalist zen theme, and I’m not sure that I really got there, but I really the minimalist look of my headers.

After you’ve planned everything out, now it’s time to start filling in with pens and colors as needed:

As you can see, I’ve inked all my headers and added the calendar dates. I wait until the end to start filling in my lists and doodling so I can ensure I have space for everything.

And here’s the (almost) finished product with some plant doodles and everything filled in:

I’m not sure yet what I’ll put in the blank space on the bottom right. Possibly a printed picture from online.

After I finish the monthly dashboard, it’s time to start on the weekly spread. (In past months I did habit trackers and mood mandalas on the next pages, but I decided to skip those for this month.)

Weekly pages are super flexible depending on your needs. For me I like to have my whole week laid out ahead of time and fill in tasks and events as they pop up. I also like to include a mini habit tracker and some sort of meal tracker on this spread as well.

I haven’t followed a set layout at all for monthly pages. I’ve been bullet journaling for about 10 months now and I don’t think I’ve ever used exactly the same spread twice. But if you like everything to match, you do you!

As you can see I kind of stuck with the same theme from the monthly dashboard page:


And that’s about it for my August pages! Have you made yours yet? Leave me a link in the comments down below so I can check it out!




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