35 Productive Things to Do When You’re Bored

Hello readers! I have been working so much lately that I haven’t had many days off in a while. Which means I really have to take advantage of the days I am free and have some time to spend at home. Instead of wasting away these days watching mindless TV, I of course like to be more productive and complete some tasks. Here are some ideas for productive things to do if you’re bored and find yourself with some extra time!

  1. Organize your hanging clothes by type or color.

  2. Clean your makeup brushes.

  3. Bake a dessert to share.

  4. Try a new workout from an online video.

  5. Listen to a podcast.

  6. Organize your photos.

  7. Call a family member you haven’t seen in a while.

  8. Do some brain games like sudoku or a crossword puzzle.

  9. Go to the library and find a new book to read.

  10. Research volunteer opportunities.

  11. Take your dog for a walk.

  12. Make a DIY from Pinterest.

  13. Plant a succulent or herb for your kitchen.

  14. Create a budget for yourself.

  15. Meal prep for the week.

  16. Make a gratitude list.

  17. Clean out your junk drawer.

  18. Do all your laundry.

  19. Tackle your “mend” clothing pile and sew on any loose buttons.

  20. Pick out ten clothing items to donate.

  21. Collect all your loose change and take it to a coin machine.

  22. Practice photography.

  23. Create a theme playlist: workout, study, chill, etc.

  24. Make a basics grocery list.

  25. Sign up for an online course.

  26. Learn a new skill by watching Youtube videos.

  27. Schedule appointments: dentist, haircut, advisor, etc.

  28. Organize or throw out old receipts.

  29. Make a list of gift ideas for friends and family.

  30. Start a bullet journal.

  31. Change your sheets.

  32. Update social media profiles: new photos, descriptions, etc.

  33. Organize your fridge or pantry.

  34. Make a healthy smoothie.

  35. Plan your next vacation.



What other productive things to you like to do when you’re bored?





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22 thoughts on “35 Productive Things to Do When You’re Bored

    1. I love setting myself up to be productive (even if I don’t actually finish anything haha) so having a pre made list makes it easy for me to “grab and go” with a task. My brushes are in serious need of a cleaning too! Thanks for reading!

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