JUNE 30 Day Happy & Healthy Challenge

Can you believe it's already nearly June? How are you all feeling halfway through the year? In case you're feeling like you need a little happiness and/or healthiness boost, I've come up with a 30-day challenge to try this month. To participate in this challenge, you'll do one thing each day of June. You don't … Continue reading JUNE 30 Day Happy & Healthy Challenge


20 Affordable Spring Adventures

Spring is just around the corner. It's the best time of year to get outside and soak up the sunshine before it gets too hot. I was thinking about some things to do on these beautiful spring weekends coming up, and I came up with this list. It includes a ton of outdoor activities to … Continue reading 20 Affordable Spring Adventures

35 Ways to be Productive While Watching Television

Hello everyone and happy weekend! Saturdays are all about relaxing right? If you're anything like me, I always somehow end up with television on and spend hours binge watching my latest show. But sometimes, we actually need to get productive and get stuff done. To be honest, I usually don't really┬ápay attention to the shows … Continue reading 35 Ways to be Productive While Watching Television