2018 Inspiration Board

Happy 2018 dear readers! I hope you had a wonderful and productive day today. As promised I'll have lots of awesome posts coming your way as part of my "This is Your Year" series. Today I wanted to start out simple by sharing some inspiration that I'm enjoying as I prepare to start work on … Continue reading 2018 Inspiration Board


Visiting the Food & Wine Festival at Disney World

Hello lovely people! I'm so sorry I haven't posted in quite some time...but I'm back with a new post about my mini vacation at Disney World! I absolutely love the Food and Wine Festival which happens at the Epcot park every year in September-November. If you've never been to Epcot, it's basically a theme park … Continue reading Visiting the Food & Wine Festival at Disney World

The Best Healthy “Grab & Go” Snacks

I don't know about you all, but I am definitely a snacker. It can be a really unhealthy habit if you're consuming chips, candy, and other junk food a few times every day. Whether you're looking for a healthy desk snack or something to pack in a lunch box for the upcoming school season, these … Continue reading The Best Healthy “Grab & Go” Snacks


A Full Day of Red, White and Blue Recipes

Hello lovely readers, and happy first day of July! It's officially been summer for a little while now, but for me the most summery day of the year is Fourth of July here in the United States. As a first post for my July mini blogging challenge, I knew I wanted to do something super … Continue reading A Full Day of Red, White and Blue Recipes


Overnight Oats: 3 Ways

Overnight oats are basically taking over breakfast, and for good reason! They're so easy to make, you literally just dump the ingredients in a jar and leave in sit overnight. There's no cooking involved, and you have a delicious and healthy breakfast ready to go in the morning! Plus it's portable enough to take to … Continue reading Overnight Oats: 3 Ways


Coconut Macaroon Browniesย 

Good afternoon everyone! Another Friday has rolled around once again, and I have a scrumptious recipe to share with you today! I've had this recipe saved on my computer for probably over a month, and I've had the ingredients in my pantry for just about that long too! Needless to say, I'm very excited for … Continue reading Coconut Macaroon Browniesย 


What I Eat in a Day [Healthy-ish]

Hello all you lovely people! I wanted to try something a little different for this post and show you guys what I'm eating today. Today I'm trying to eat Paleo (a loose interpretation) and be at least a little bit healthy. By no means do I eat like this every day...   Breakfast Ahh, my … Continue reading What I Eat in a Day [Healthy-ish]