DIY Boho Yarn Wall Hanging

Hey lovely people! It’s Fri-yay and you know what that means: a Friday DIY! I haven’t posted a DIY in forever, but I’ve had some time the past few days and really felt like getting crafty. I’ve been wanting to make a wall hanging for a really long time, and I just never got around to getting the supplies and getting it done. (PS- if you just can’t seem to find the time to make one yourself, I now sell this exact wall hanging over on my Etsy shop, Linen & Brass)


So I decided today was the day and I gathered my supplies. All you need is a wooden dowel and yarn of your choice. I picked two neutral off-white colors in different thicknesses and a multi-colored lacey sparkly yarn. I wanted mine to have kind of a mismatched boho feel, but feel free to use all the same yarn if that suits your fancy.



And here are the instructions to make a wall hanging like mine:

1. First measure where you want to place the hanging on the wall. I used masking tape to outline where I wanted the nail, the dowel, and the end of the yarn. This will help you cut the yarn to the right length in the next step.


2. Next you will cut your center piece of yarn. I measured it against the wall using the tape guidelines I had created. Make sure to add an extra inch or two to the length to allow for the knot and any trimming. Then double the length and cut, so you have just one piece of yarn that is double the length you want your hanging to be.

3. Next you will tie the center piece onto the dowel. For this we will use what’s known as a lark’s head knot, which really isn’t a knot at all. You simply wrap the yarn around the dowel and feed the ends through the loop, as shown in the pictures:

4. Now all you have to do is continue cutting yarn and tying it to the dowel. I made mine symmetrical, so I found it was easiest to build out both sides from the center at the same time to ensure my pieces were the same type of yarn and about the same length. Speaking of length, if you plan on making yours a V shape like mine, I would recommend making your pieces all long to begin with and then cutting them in shape at the end. It’s much easier than trying to match the lengths from the start.


5. Once you have all your pieces of yarn tied on and completed, compare it to the wall with the tape still on. Measure it against what you had originally laid out and make sure your lengths all match up before you start cutting.


6. Once everything is aligned, it’s time for a haircut! Whether you’re cutting in a straight line, a V or any other shape, be extra careful with this step because it can ruin your work. The good news is that if you mess up on a single strand, it’s easy to replace because the lark’s head knot can easily be undone. But follow the #1 crafting rule of thumb: you can always cut more off later but you can never put it back.

7. The last step is to attach a hanging string and hang it up on the wall. Simply tie yarn on either end and hang it up with a nail or thumb tack. You can also use picture hanging wire if your wall hanging is much larger or heavier.



And that’s all there is to it. Would you make this trendy DIY yarn wall hanging?

(Psssst! Love it but don’t want to make it yourself? Here’s the link to my beautiful, ready-to-hang wall hanging plus more like this found on my Etsy shop, Linen & Brass)



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